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14:30: Enjoying the scenery with the horse carts or ox-cart and watching the woven silk on traditional looms in the west part of island.
The horse or ox carts making an island a pleasant place to explore for a day or two on foot. Once on the island enjoys the scenery with the horse carts. Dusty, sandy roads take the tour through charming villages and past picturesque views of the river, and then stop at a handicraft village. The visitors can visit a silk weaving village and watch the woven silk on traditional looms. The island is also famous for its handicraft production. This traditional silk weaving village of handicraft production is the best place to buy home some excellent souvenirs. The tour can visit also many farms locating in west side of island. They lie nearly in a nice village with a very harmonic view of farmer, yoke of oxen, plot, small water supply and other villager's house nearby. Beside the comfortable way of reaching there, the visitors have many interesting view such as a road for oxcarts with a small bridge, a small house with kitchen and drilling well along with few animal house.

16:30: Arrival at the southern tip of island and finishing the tour through crossing the Mekong River with the ferry boat in Preak Leap again.