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For Afternoon:
14:00: Visiting the white sandy beach of Mekong River  
When the tour reaches the islands northern tip, the pole of island, the visitors scramble down the eroded bank that leads down to the white, sandy beach. The visitors can install itself in one of the many little thatched huts that are pulled into the water and enjoy the calm. The water itself is very clean and inviting enough for a refreshing splash on a hot afternoon.

Otherwise our valuable guests can learn to ride the khmer boat self or can sit on the boat to witness every day Khmer life such as fish farming or catching fish (there are many different techniques in Cambodia depending on the season and ethnicity of the fisherman) or to view also the Mekong river during the sunset in front of the river’s edge. To beat the afternoon heat, particulary in the hot season, have a swim in a safe and clean area of the Mekong and cool off! For those who like fishing, try your hand at catching a Mekong river fish - by fishing rod or throw net.