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10:30: Arrival at the delivery station and the kindergarten of the island.

The only kindergarten locating in the island is the kindergarten of " Samdach Ov " school, which has the popular name of the famous King of Cambodia, His Majesty King Norodom Sihanouk, and was renovated and is continually supported by the Center of Miltenberg-Cambodia (CMC) with the fund of the CMC’s donors from Germany, Switzerland and Austria, in which some of them were also the tourists visiting Cambodia and the island. The tour can visit the kindergarten and see what the kindergarten and the children improve and enjoy with their learning conditions through the funds supported.

Like a kindergarten it is the only delivery station of the island, which was built by CMC in 2004 with the fund of CMC’s donor in Moenchberg, Germany. Since its establishment CMC supported and continually supports the medical drugs and materials for this delivery station with the fund of the above CMC’s donors. The tour can visit the station and see the pregnant staying for their delivering or maybe can help her as well support also the station with the small aid-souvenir.